Purse Lights Solve Dark Handbag Dilemma | Finally See What’s at the Bottom of Your Bag

Posted on: Dec 29

Here's a nifty little invention for anyone who's ever scrounged around for their keys on the way back to their car. At the touch of a button, Purse Lights can illuminate the deep, dark recesses of your favorite handbag, making it easy to find exactly what you're searching for.

Purse Lights are available in a range of six fashion colors: pale pink, baby blue, black, metallic chrome, and wild zebra and leopard. Each has a high intensity white LED light, and a clip to fasten it to any open interior pocket.

They're easy to unclip too for those times you need a flashlight. That'll come in handy when you're struggling to find your keyhole, or something small you've dropped. You can also use the sticker bracket and mount one inside a drawer or car.

For girls who favor oversized bags with their massive interiors, the Purse Light is invaluable. Thankfully though, it's incredibly affordable. A pack of three is available online for $17.95, plus a little more for postage and handling.

[Source: Gadget Review]
[Image Source: Purse Lights]

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