Puma Volcano Grip Bag | Red Synthetic Stitched Formstripe Handbag

Posted on: Feb 26

Puma Volcano Grip BagOrdinarily I'm about as enthusiastic about gym bags as I am about the gym itself, but Puma has managed to pique my interest with this Volcano Grip Bag.

The Volcano looks athletic, but not in that sloppy way that cotton totes and sweats do. This is the kind of bag you'd imagine the girl with her perfect ponytail and sexy little singlet top carrying to a yoga class, where you know she'd barely break a sweat. It's just got that refinement that we rarely see in a sporting accessory. The familiar is Puma formstripe is subtly defined with stitching, and the bright red color is eye-popping without being too brash.

Anyone craving real luxury may be disappointed that the Volcano is made from synthetic rather than leather, but let's get real. This is a gym bag, and a high-quality synthetic is really all most of us need, particularly when it's priced under the magic $100 mark.

While this is a sophisticated looking sports bag, it'll still do the job. The generously sized interior is ready for carrying your sweat towels and stinky sneakers after a serious training session, and the polyester lining shouldn't hold odors.

The Volcano has made such an impression on me I'm almost considering digging out my work clothes and sweating it out at my local gym ... almost.

More Features of This Puma Stitched Grip Bag

  • Zipper closure
  • Dual handles with a 7 inch drop
  • Measures 10.5 x 18 x 8 inches
  • Also available in purple
  • Made in China

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