Prezzo Animal Sequin Tote | Large Glitzy Zebra Striped Bag

Posted on: Nov 12

Prezzo Animal Sequin TotePrezzo's always been a label that embraces glitz and glamour, but even I was taken aback by the gaudiness of the brand's Animal Sequin tote.

This is not a bag that could ever fade into the background. Zebra stripes are already eye-catching, but when they're rendered with metallic sequins they're absolutely dazzling. On a smaller bag I might have been able to stomach all the sparkle, but on this enormous canvas I think it's too much. Of course, more daring fashionistas may disagree!

For me the most disappointing aspect is the lack of practical perks. Given its massive dimensions, I can't believe Prezzo only gives us a single zippered pocket. Prepare to spend a lot of time searching for small items at the bottom of this bag.

If you like bling though, you may be willing to overlook this tote's flaws, especially for the relatively affordable price of $60. Look for it in zebra and leopard prints in gold and silver shades.

More Features of This Prezzo Zebra Striped Tote

  • Double magnetic snaps
  • Dual handles
  • Measures 24 x 15 x 7.5 inches

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