Prada’s Worldy New Collection | Made In … Capsule Range Inspired by Global Fashion

Posted on: Oct 15

Prada Made In

Prada is going global with the release of a new "Made in …" capsule collection which celebrates luxury around the world.

The range was inspired by the international travels of Mario Prada, the grandfather of current Prada creative director Miuccia Prada. As he navigated the globe in the early twentieth century he collected the ideas and inspiration that would form much of the Prada brand's vision.

There are four different ranges, each saluting the traditional textiles and fashions of their distinctive regions. And so for "Prada Made in Scotland" there could be nothing but tartan wool kilts.

The "Prada Made in India" range will feature handbags, ballet flats, and sandals embroidered using a traditional technique called Chikan.

Funnily enough the "Prada Made in Japan" line doesn't offer silk kimonos, but jeans produced by leading denim brand Dova. The jeans are made to order in a choice of four different cloths and seven different washes.

And finally there is "Prada Made in Peru," a range of alpaca wool knitwear made using traditional techniques learned in the workshops of the Peruvian campesinos.

Look for all these exotic Prada fashions in stores next year. Are you excited to see the designs?

[Source: Luxist]

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