Powerbags Charge Technology | New Portable Charging Bags from RFA Brands

Posted on: Oct 2

RFA Brands look to put an end to dying cell phones and tablets with its new range of Powerbags, a collection of handbags with portable power supplies cleverly hidden inside.

The Powerbags are available in messenger, backpack, tablet bag, and travel accessory styles. Each one has a built-in charging system hidden away, allowing you to power up your favorite technology on the go. The bags also do just what you'd expect of any accessory. They're all generously sized, so you can use them to tote necessary cargo including text books, cosmetics, magazines, bottles of water, and more.

RFA Brands is raising awareness of its innovative new accessories with the Powerbag Stay Charged tour, an old fashioned road trip which will make pit stops at leading retailers and college campuses across America. RFA Brands president Ron Ferber said he "can't wait to show students and other consumers just how easy it is to stay charged throughout the day." As well as offering visitors the chance to try the Powerbags, the 37-foot touring lounge and showroom will feature video game stations, DJs, and plenty of giveaways. You can visit the My Powerbag website to see when the Powerbag tour bus will visit your home town.

Powerbags will hit major retailers including Best Buy, OfficeMax, F.Y.E, college bookstores, and airport outlets this month. They'll be available in a range of colors from $139.99.

[Source: PR Newswire]
[Image Source: My Powerbag website]

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