Physhion Luxury Gym Bags | Twill Women’s Designer Sports Lines with Italian Patent Trims

Posted on: Apr 15

The days when women would carry one bag to the office, another to the shops, and another out to dinner are dwindling. The global recession means modern girls demand purses that work double-time. Physhion has tackled the last frontier, creating sports bags that actually look good.

The brand is the brainchild of Liz Tave, a busy mom of four. Like so many girls on the go, she was on an endless quest for a gym bag which would hold her stinky sneakers while looking stylish. Discovering it didn't exist, she took matters into her own hands and made her own! The result is Physhion, a label which combines fashion and functionality.

With sexy names like the Siren, Vixen, and Hipster, these modern purses could easily double as everyday handbags. The contemporary designs could win anyone over, but the conservative color palettes may not please younger gym bunnies. The khaki and burgundy and gray and white color combos look sophisticated, if a little drab.

Twill fabrics are traditionally used for work wear, so it's a practical and hard-wearing choice. Here it's given a gloss coat and dressed up with patent leather accents, but the look still isn't entirely chic. An all-over leather may not have proved as durable for daily use, but it would have been more stylish.

It's easy to focus on looks, but it's the little details which make Physhion bags invaluable at the gym. Features include side sneaker sleeves, waterproof pouches, programmable gym locks, water bottle pockets, and gym pass holders.

Physhion purses start from $225. It's not exactly expensive for a fashion handbag, but it is pricy when compared to other sports bags. But these purses occupy a very small niche, satisfying the girls who care about how they look leaving the gym as much as the calories they've burned.

[Source: Physhion]

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