Phillip Lim’s Runway Style Inspired by Model Tao Okamoto

Posted on: Feb 20

Runway models are usually just the vehicle for designers to best display their creative product. Rarely do these stylish walking mannequins produce the inspiration for the designer...except in one of the recent shows at New York Fashion Week.

Phillip Lim, one our favorite bag designers, met his model Tao Okamoto only two weeks ago but loved her hairstyle so much that he incorporated it into his runway show.

The ultra-short mushroom cut, complete with eyebrow-grazing bangs, graced the head of every female runway model in the 3.1 Phillip Lim Fall 2009 show. Of course, Okamoto was the only model not wearing a wig. The modest muse was surprised by his decision.

"I'm so excited because I did his fall look book and he said, 'Oh, you're so beautiful,' and I was like, 'Ooooh! Thank you!' Then he said, 'It'd be so great if all the girls at the show had your hairstyle.' I thought he was joking, but look at this!" she said.

Okamoto's retro bob was cut in Tokyo after her desire to stand out. I'm not sure if this short hairstyle will catch on outside of the high fashion world, but we'll just have to wait and see if Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes go for it before deciding.

[Source: Elle News]

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