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Posted on: Sep 5

Stark ClutchBillionairess Petra Eccleston isn't short on a dollar, but she stands to make a few more when she launches her Stark accessories line at New York Fashion Week this week.

Eccleston is a big name in her own right, but she insists the collection isn't about trading on her celebrity.

"It's not about me - it's not a Petra Ecclestone handbag, it’s a Stark handbag," she said. "There's a huge difference."

The Stark purses are befitting of an heiress with their golden hardware, lush leathers, exotic skins, and Swarovski crystal accents. They're not altogether practical, but in Eccleston's words they are "really kind of fun, glitzy pieces."

Eccleston has taken a hands-on approach to the design of the purses bearing her name. That's ensured they reflect her own opulent sense of style.

You don't exactly need Eccleston's bank balance to indulge in these creations, but they're certainly expensive. You can buy the cheapest piece for $495, but the most expensive in the range will set you back $4,795. Given those prices it's unsurprising that she's targeting women her own age and a bit older. Because no one under the age of 22 has that sort of cash to splash around!

Stark goodies aren't even on shelves yet and already Eccleston is looking to the future. She hopes to see her bags sold around the world, and she plans to add footwear to the range in future. Goodness knows she's got the money to see it all happen!

[Source: Daily Mail]

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