Paris House’s Statement Bags | New Zealand Slogan Accessories Make Global Splash

Posted on: Jul 15

Paris House WalletKiwi designer Sharon Paris is creating accessories that are quite literally statement pieces for her fashion brand Paris House.

It might surprise you to know that Paris House has been around since 1934, but it's a very different label today than it was back then. Paris' grandfather Cohus conceived the company as a jewelry firm. Her father, a watchmaker, continued this tradition until his death in 2002. Now Sharon Paris is taking the family business in a much more modern direction.

The playful Paris House wallets and bags feature cheeky slogans like "Shut up and get on with it," "Fishing for compliments," and "Things will never be the same." The accessories are simply styled, but the messages, which look like they've been scrawled onto the purses with paint pens, make them much more unique.

That originality has made some major retailers take notice. The New Zealander's bags are now available in high-end fashion stores around the world including Harvey Nichols, Liberty, and Urban Outfitters.

The regular leather purses start from $75, but you can pay up to $820 for the Swarovski crystal studded minaudieres. Personally I think Paris' brash messages work best on the more everyday accessories, but I'm sure a creative star like Katy Perry or Pink could pull off the crystal encrusted purses on a red carpet. Have the Paris House accessories stolen your heart?

[Source: Fashion for Lunch]
[Image Source: Paris House website]

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