Paris Couture Shows Hit the Runway | Roger Vivier Stands Out with Unique Handbags

Posted on: Jul 7

Roger Vivier might be most well-known for iconic shoes like the oh-so-recognizable pilgrim shoe, but the brand is moving up in the handbag world thanks to some amazing couture designs that don't include a single buckle.

The label's fall couture show featured an incredible mix of exotic textures and rich details. Creative Director of Roger Vivier, Bruno Frisoni, explained why the accessory is worth the obsession:

"You can place them on a shelf, dress them up or undress them, hide your love letters in them."

Well, that's a fairly simple way of describing something that can easily become an infatuation with so many women. These Roger Vivier couture handbags are just the sort of thing to make a gal obsess. With feather flourish, gold-leaf painted crocodile, and agate stones, these couture creations are destined for fashion greatness. Take a peek at the bags here.

[Source: Bag Snob]

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