Paper No 9′s Cardboard Handbags | Recycled Shipping Packages Become Designer Bags

Posted on: May 21

Paper No 9 Bag

With spring's unpredictable showers, stepping out with a bag made of paper doesn't sound like a good idea. Or does it? New York fashion label Paper No 9 encourages us to think about paper a little differently with its range of sustainable, cruelty-free handbags.

At first glance it seems like the label's brown bags are made from buttery soft shearling, but they're actually carefully crafted from paper. This isn't yesterday's newspapers though. Paper No 9 treats recycled shipping cardboard so thoroughly that you'd never guess its discarded roots. Natural oils, heat, and a healthy massage turns the cardboard into a luxurious soft fabric. The new material is then backed with canvas for strength before being turned into stylish and green accessories.

What I love most about this material is that it actually gets better over time. Your natural body heat will see it evolving to reveal the canvas hidden underneath. A bag that's an ever-changing piece of art is intriguing, particularly when it's so sustainable.

Paper No 9 bags and accessories are available from the label's Etsy store. Would you be nervous to carry a designer paper bag in stormy weather, or are you excited by this new innovation in eco-friendly design?

[Source: Ecouterre]

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