Paco Mena Dickseea Clutch | Clever Structured Satin Evening Bag

Posted on: Apr 9

Paco Mena Dickseea ClutchBeing beautiful and luxurious doesn't have to mean being brash. This clever little satin clutch shows that there is more than one way to produce a structured handbag.

The structure isn't in the actually shape of the handbag, but the layout of the satin exterior. You see, the cream satin fans out from a diagonal central strip of ribbon. The color is uniform throughout, so only the change in light reflecting off its shiny silky surface lets you see the structure. It's subtle, classy and really quite gorgeous. In hot pink, which is one of the other color options, the Dickseea is transformed into something party-friendly too.

Paco Mena's ribbon styling is, to be honest, the main component of this purse. Elsewhere it is average; functional, but kind of normal. Let me put it this way, the shape has been done before. That said, you wouldn't expect anything more for just $43, and I think Paco Mena has delivered more than enough.

More Features of this Paco Mena Clutch

  • Also available in pink and black
  • Sating ribbon exterior
  • Optional drop in chain strap
  • Single small slip pocket

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