Overland Bella Leather Handbag | Unusually Designed Purse With Wooden Handle

Posted on: Feb 4

Overland Sheepskin Co isn't a label that most of you will have heard of. Despite the lack of a recognizable brand name, however, I thought this wonderful purse needed to be shared with others!

I will start with the materials used to make this interesting bag. The main body, with its slouchy base and structured clasp, is crafted from Italian calfskin, a material which I always favour for bags that you need to be pliable yet luxurious at the same time. In my humble opinion there isn't much that will beat this leather for position of Best Bag Fabric! Then to contrast with the buttery smoothness of the tote body, Overland has opted for an unusual but very visually attractive wooden handle. This light guayacan wood probably won't be the comfiest to carry, but it will look good!

This artistic Bella purse isn't huge, although it could work very well as a massive weekend bag. It will do for day-to-day wear, but if you need to carry folders and have lots of pockets then you will probably have to look elsewhere. At least the base is wide and spacious however, meaning that wallets and phones should fit in with no trouble at all.

With a funky over-sized structured clasp and gorgeous color, I almost wish this came in other colors so I could buy all of them. At $112.50 this is quite a bargain regardless of the brand!

More Features of this Calfskin Bella Bag

  • Italian calfskin exterior
  • Square carved wooden handle
  • Over-sized clasp closure

Get this Overland Slouchy Tote:

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