Magid Diamond Tote | Large Straw Handbag with Wooden Handles

Posted on: Jan 21

The time of year for woven straw totes is nigh upon us. Although there are still plenty of people around the country dealing with ice and snow, spring, with its colorful fashion and lighter materials, is really not that far away.

This Magid Diamond Tote might not be full of vibrant, spring-ish colors, but it does have some unmistakable touches that make it so appropriate for spring and summer accessorizing. The best part of those features is that they also make the handbag more affordable than many others.

The woven straw is not only a fun texture to carry around during warmer months, but it also tends to be much less expensive than many other bag materials. This particular Magid tote, despite its large size, is only $70. Of course, straw isn't going to be super durable if you are someone who puts your purses through quite a bit of wear and tear, but a handbag like this can be a great, long-term addition to a wardrobe when treated nicely.

The other two spring and summer-like details happen to be my favorite parts of the Diamond Tote. The sturdy wooden handles and patterned jute panel running down the middle of the bag are the aspects of this Magid design that make it distinct. In addition to this black color, the Diamond Tote is also available in a natural khaki straw tone.

More Features of the Diamond Tote

  • Measures 17 x 12.5 x 5.75 inches
  • Wooden handles with 3 inch drop
  • Magnetic snap closure

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