Osklen Make Fish Bags | Sustainable Salmon Fenix Purses

Posted on: Dec 25

Osklen Fish Purse

Osklen has always had one eye on sustainability, but its latest accessories line takes that commitment to the next level. Purses and shoes from the Fenix range are crafted from fish skins discarded by the seafood industry.

The skins are deemed as waste, but you'd never know that by looking at them. The scaly finish is as stylish as any exotic but much kinder on the planet. The skins come from sustainable fish varieties including salmon, tilapia, and pirarucu. Animal crusaders still may have issue with the sourcing of the skins, but I argue that those fish supplies will be depleted whether we indulge in the handbags or not. At least Osklen's method only uses the skins of fish already caught and consumed, rather than going out and hunting down more sea creatures.

Each handbag has an e-fabrics tag which explains the product's eco credentials. While this isn't an official accreditation, it indicates Osklen's commitments to raw materials, philanthropy, and fair trade business practices.

This isn't simply a case of a label cashing in on the rise of eco fashion. Osklen was one of the first Brazilian fashion houses to become carbon neutral, and its designer Oskar Metsavaht is a UNESCO ambassador. This is a fashion house that's been doing good for some time, and with its new fishy collection Osklen's doing even better!

[Source: Osklen website]

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