One October Bags Use Salmon Skin for Environmentally Friendly Accessories

Posted on: Oct 12

When she was just 14 years old, Roxana Zal became the youngest person to win a Primetime Emmy for her role in Something about Amelia.

Now this child star is all grown up and creating an eco-friendly line of luxury purses and other accessories.

Roxana's One October collection uses salmon skin rather than regular leather for its stylish and sustainable accessories.

"By incorporating salmon skin into our designs we have created a collection that environmentally conscious consumers can feel positive about carrying," the One October team explained.

"Most exotic leathers are obtained from skins of endangered species. Salmon skin is only an industrial residue from the farmed salmon industry but it is considered 'exotic' leather. By using salmon leather, One October aims to deliver high fashion and quality, in an environmentally sustainable way."

The One October collection has already turned heads in Hollywood, with Lauren Conrad, Shannen Doherty, and Jennifer Aniston amongst the brand's celebrity fans.

All One October accessories cost less than $500, making them extra-appealing for budget-conscious fashion lovers.

[Source: The Stylephile]
[Image Source: One October]

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