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Posted on: Mar 24

Laura Springbok ClutchNew online store Oliver's Farm is bringing handmade accessories from around the world to fashion fans in its native America, and the rest of the globe.

The boutique specializes in hard to find items created in far flung corners of the planet. I'm particularly taken by the handbags sourced from South Africa. The shoppers, messengers, totes, and weekenders are crafted from high quality leather, cowhide, and native springbok skins. While that won't please animal activists, it's some comfort to see all skins adhere to South Africa's government animal preservation guidelines. And as each one takes a month to prepare, the attention to detail is first class. Oliver's Farm is one of the few retailers outside of its native South Africa to stock the luxurious handbags.

The handbags are perfect for coordinating with the colorful Sami Lapland Bracelets handcrafted by the Nordic Sami people. The indigenous artisans incorporate pewter, reindeer leather and shed antlers into their vibrant designs.

And if you want to decorate your home, Oliver's Farm has you covered too with sheepskin rugs sourced from traditional English tanneries.

Alice Thornhill, the marketing director of Oliver's Farm, says that the company constantly travels the globe to find new accessories and homewares, so it sounds like several new items might join the collection soon.

"We emphasis the use of traditional techniques, local materials and generations of expertise, ensuring all Oliver's Farm products are highly original and proud representations of the culture of their land of origin," she explained.

If you like to stand out on the street, it might be worth bookmarking Oliver's Farm website.

[Source: Dakota Digital]
[Image Source: Oliver's Farm website]

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