Nicole Richie Loves Chanel | Star Has 30 Purses from French Fashion House

Posted on: Jan 8

Nicole RichieNicole Richie is easy to envy, with her doting husband, pair of cherubic children, and flourishing fashion career. And now that she's released details of her personal handbag collection, I'm even more jealous!

Richie's closet features some 30 Chanel handbags, although the cheeky former reality TV star says that she stole many of them from her mother! I'll bet there are also some Alexander McQueen purses in there too, as Richie cites the late British designer as one of her favorites. And there are likely to be several vintage pieces too.

"I really believe you can't make a mistake with vintage," she insists. "It's all in how you wear it."

Richie has undergone a real style transformation in recent years, morphing from waif-like boho chick to stylish and sophisticated wife and mama. But I don't think Richie will stick with this current look for too long, and neither does she!

"I've always experimented," she admitted. "I dyed my hair purple, and I dyed my hair green, and I went through a Punky Brewster phase, a preppy phase, a goth phase, a girly phase, a grunge phase. I'm sure my style won't stop here."

What look do you think she should try next?

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[Image Source: Sgt. Michael Connors/Wikipedia Commons]

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