Nicky Hilton Totes Black Balenciaga Motorcycle Bag in Los Angeles

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The right handbag can dress up any outfit. Just ask Nicky Hilton! Paris’ little sister was snapped at The Grove restaurant in Los Angeles today with two great accessories. She’s got her man of the moment, David Katzenberg and one of her favorite purses, the Balenciaga Motorcycle handbag. Who could ask for anything more?

Nicky played it cool in a hooded sweatshirt and loose ponytail. But her chic black bag pulls it all together, taking her look from frumpy to fab. The leather looks so soft and slouchy and those round brass studs give this Balenciaga a real rock star edge.

Nicky’s got a handbag collection we’re all envious of, yet she’s been photographed carrying this same Motorcycle purse for years. It just goes to show you that a basic black bag with a classic design never goes out of fashion.

Do you want to steal her style? Check out the links below!


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