New Lulu Guinness London Store | Limited Edition Handbag for Burlington Arcade Opening

Posted on: Oct 28

Lulu Guinness Burlington Arcade BagLulu Guinness is a British icon, so it's surprising to hear that she's just opened the doors of her first central London store. The brand new boutique is located in Burlington Arcade, one of the world's oldest shopping malls.

Guinness said she was particularly attracted to the history of her new location.

"The Arcade itself is like a film set, and the store is very small, which has allowed me to put a lot of my personality into it," she told Elle UK. "It is a jewel box and perfect for displaying my smaller items: notebooks, tea set, top zips and key rings, which all look perfectly in proportion!"

The boutique features two floors joined by a brand new spiral staircase. It's worth scaling not just to view the handbags on the first floor, but the stunning views out over the Arcade. Guinness encourages her shoppers to "look out below and soak up the atmosphere."

To celebrate the launch of her new London digs, Guinness has created a new limited edition Burlington Arcade purse. The black handbag, which is entirely handmade, features a sketch of the historic arcade. If you want one I wouldn't think too long on it though, as only 40 were made. Each one is numbered to make them feel a bit more exclusive.

Lulu Guinness' empire is expanding at a rapid rate at present. She opened a store in the South Korean capital of Seoul last week, which is the first of five new stores in the country opening soon. Fans in Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong can also expect new Lulu Guinness outlets soon.

[Source: Elle UK]
[Image Source: Lulu Guinness website]

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