Motorcycle Champion Gabor Talmacsi Loves His Louis Vuitton Man Bag

Posted on: Jul 16

Man bags are practical and sophisticated, but most lads still struggle with the idea of carrying a purse. So it's refreshing, and a little unexpected, to find a man speaking out about his murse obsession! Perhaps the adrenalin-charged career of Hungarian motorcycle charm Gabor Talmacsi buys him enough credibility to chat about his love of Louis Vuitton.

"I adore bags. When I see one fits me, I have to buy it without any hesitation," he gushed. "Usually I wear a shoulder bag as I don't like have anything in my pockets. My mania has been noticed by the biggest company in bags as I got a beautiful bag from Louis Vuitton."

The bag in question is the Louis Vuitton Monogram Beaubourg, a unisex creation which proudly displays the traditional tan on brown LV signature leather. It's been accused of being a tad girly, but it doesn't look like Gabor minds. How could you when you're getting Louis for free?

[Source: Fashionphile]
[Image Source: Richard Mushet/Wikipedia Commons]

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