Moni Moni Lily Tote | Luxurious Leather Floral Purse

Posted on: Jul 11

Wow, this Moni Moni tote is unlike anything I have ever seen!

If you like to make an impact with a handbag that is remarkable at the same time as being hugely luxurious, then I doubt you can get better than this over-the-top floral tote. The color alone would be enough to make me love it, in that deep rich purple, and the layered complex flower just seals the deal. The fact that the entire thing is constructed from the softest supplest leather just makes me even happier.

Whilst I love the feminine hippie looks, the price has made me take a step back. You see, this Lily handbag costs a mighty $675. Yes, you heard me right. Granted, this is a unique tote that will certainly make you stand out from the crowd, but is it good enough to make you part with such a hefty hunk of cash?

If this soft Lily purse has tugged on your heartstrings, then I would think about starting to save up!

More Features of this Moni Moni Leather Tote

  • Soft over-sized leather flower decoration
  • Purple leather exterior
  • Unique in color and design

Get this Slouchy Floral Lily Tote:

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