Mingus Designs Makes Adorable Green Bags | Inked Sustainable Material Handbags

Posted on: Sep 6

Australian fashion label Mingus Designs combines whimsical designs and eco-friendly practices with its collection of green handbags and scarves.

The purses are made from sustainable materials including hemp, linen, and organic cotton, and then accented with upcycled leather. Many purists believe leather has no place in green design, but by recycling existing skins at least the label keeps the material out of landfill. The fanciful illustrations which adorn the bags are colored using water based inks.

Every Mingus Designs purse is handmade in Melbourne, Australia using 100% green energy.

Mingus Designs purses are generally available online through its official website, Etsy store, and Supermarket HQ. However as the designers' are overseas until November, these online outlets are currently suspended. You can still buy the green Mingus Designs accessories in person though at a range of boutiques in Australia, New Zealand, and America, including Indie Industries in San Francisco and Modern Printed Matter in Warren, Rhode Island.

[Source: Mingus Designs]
[Image Source: Supermarket]

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