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Militaryhandbag Tote

Militaryhandbag ToteLiving with a loved one serving overseas is never easy, but looks to make that time apart hurt a little less. Fashion designer Eve Baum makes unique handbags from the military uniforms of our troops.

The one-of-a-kind items serve as poignant reminders of beloved servicemen and women, whether they’re currently serving, happily home, or no longer with us.

To get started simply select your desired handbag or accessory design on our website, mail us your fatigues with name tags and patches, and we’ll reimburse your postage fee up to seven dollars,” explained Eve Baum, founder of “We’ll also work with you if you’d like us to design a custom product. Normally, you’ll receive the finished product in approximately two weeks. Our most popular items are custom handbags, backpacks, wallets, journals, pillows, kid’s accessories and baby blankets. We’ve done several custom fallen hero products – which are always very touching and emotional – it’s truly an honor for us to create them for the families.

You don’t need to personally know someone in the armed forces to enjoy a accessory as the website also sells bags made from donated uniforms. gives back to the people who make the business possible, by donating between 10 and 15% of each sale to charities which help American troops and their families. The accessories are affordably priced between $8 and $85 from