Michael Kors Unveils Fall/Winter Advertisements | Glamorous 70s Paparazzi Commercial

Posted on: Jul 22

Michael Kors Fall Advertisement

Michael Kors goes glamorous with its 70s inspired fall/winter 2011 advertising campaign.

Models Karmen Pedaru, Simon Nessman, and Taylor Fuchs are the stars hiding away in their limousine from the glare of the paparazzi lenses. They don't seem terribly troubled by the intrusion, but I wouldn't either if I were carrying that gorgeous silver snake clutch. I can't imagine that Pedaru's barely there dress will offer much protection against the notoriously changeable fall weather though. Thank goodness she’s got that lush feathery wrap on hand!

The models look amazing, and their clothes and accessories do too, just as they should. This is an advertising campaign built on fantasy after all. With so many fashion houses trying something different in recent commercials, it's refreshing to see one that gets back to the reason that fashion is so alluring. Kors says he was inspired to create the image of the "world's most famous couple arriving" something sensational. It's aspirational, the classic commercial that makes us want to switch places with the models and live a little of their glamorous lives.

Are you a fan of Michael Kors retro glam commercial campaign, or would you preferred to see something more daring from the American designer?

[Source: Glamazon Diaries]

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