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Posted on: Mar 1

Menbur Cano Box ClutchDecadence and glamor is the name of the game for the Menbur Cano clutch.

From tip to toe, this metal box clutch likes to make an impact. It is undeniably designed for evening wear, and would look ridiculous anywhere else, thanks to the cross-hatch gold tone metal framing the square front. The colors work for this impression too, as there is never anything more luxurious that the combination of gold and red tinted rich brown.

Of course, this little purse won't hold much. But, let's be honest; who actually cares? As long as the structured interior holds a cell phone and your money, it does what it needs to. That said, it is still wide enough to make it a pain to "clutch," and as such it is something of a relief  to have a chain handle!

Priced at just $73 this metal and fabric evening bag is quite a bargain, and that means it is OK to just wear it the once!

More Features of this Menbur Cano Clutch

  • Also available in black
  • Optional drop in chain handle
  • Satin lined interior
  • Metal work framed exterior

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