Matt & Nat Vance Clutch | Vegan Eco-Friendly Studded Purse

Posted on: May 25

Matt & Nat Vance ClutchMatt & Nat continue to try to convince us that vegan leather doesn't have to be unfashionable.

Shape-wise, I think the designing duo has succeeded. The folded main body and the slight envelope styling of that curvy front flap lend themselves to a purse that is quite fashion forward and stylish. Add in the five pretty metal studs, and you are into real fashion territory. The only area I hesitate, therefore, is when it comes to the color. I know that tans and caramel brown shades are harder to get right than, say, a default black, but the mottled golden color reminds me of those maps and letters you used to dye with teabags in history class. It isn't particularly luxurious, and it is a little too bright to really look classy.

Still, this is really just a matter of personal taste. If the Vance clutch does float your boat, then you know that there are many reasons for it to do so. The eco-friendly synthetic vegan leather and the fact that Matt & Nat have provided two handle options, to mention but two.

In a world of genuine leather and less eco-friendly morals, this is a purse perfect for people who like to wear fashion without paying any sort of animal price.

More Features of this Matt & Nat Vegan Clutch

  • Available in three other colors
  • Vegan synthetic leather exterior
  • Long or short chain handles
  • Interior zip pocket

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