Matt & Nat Phish Clutch | Vegan Purse with Draped Chain Detailing

Posted on: Feb 22

Matt & Nat P10 Phish ClutchI don't know if I've said it before, but I love Matt & Nat. The designers are good for the world, with vegan materials and recycled ingredients, which is enough to give anyone with a little bit of a global warming conscience a bit of a self-esteem boost. And then, on top of all those eco-credentials, the designers keep making beautiful bag after beautiful bag!

The Phish clutch, even if the name makes me crave Ben & Jerry's, is one such purse. It may look like a crinkly leather clutch, but actually that cute exterior is entirely synthetic. Often synthetic leather alternatives are viewed with some derision on sites like this, but we are wholeheartedly behind them if that do two simple things: look good, and help the world.

The rest of the design is equally tempting, especially for a clutch that costs just $54. The chain detailing makes the optional chain strap tie in with the whole look, and there is something incredibly luxurious about the way the chain stripes waterfall off the edge of the purse, draping just so. Stunning!

I don't have much to complain about with this vegan clutch, because it hits all of the right buttons for me: looks, price, and ethics. Winner!

More Features of this Affordable Matt & Nat Clutch

  • Also available in pink and blue
  • Vegan friendly recycled materials
  • Optional short chain strap
  • Single interior zip pocket

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