Mascotte and G24 Innovations Design Eco-Friendly Solar Powered Bags for Gadget Lovers

Posted on: Oct 18

Bags just became more high-tech and eco-friendly thanks to G24 Innovations. The company has created dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs), which are thin, inexpensive, and operable indoors. These innovative cells have become part of Mascotte's latest bag collection.

But why would anyone want a solar-powered bag, you ask? It's simple. Gadget lovers can charge up their cell phones, Kindles, and PDAs anywhere, any time. What a great idea for girls on the go!

The revolutionary solar-powered cells are light and bendable, so they're ideal the manufacture of canvas bag. Under sunny conditions, the bags can charge a cell phone in around four hours, while it could take as many as 12 hours indoors. The solar panels aren't as efficient as silicon ones, but they're much cheaper and easier to manufacture. Mascotte then pass those savings on to its customers.

Mascotte currently sells solar-powered knapsacks and business travel bags for between $100 and $300. That seems pricey at first, but they're only between $25 and $40 more than Mascotte's ordinary bags. Now the brand just needs some style pointers. Once they start producing cute girly totes, I'll snap one up.

[Source: Treehugger]

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