Marcela Calvet The Bacall I Bag | Original Hollywood Inspired Lizard Evening Purse

Posted on: Oct 29

Marcela Calvet BacallWhen my parents welcomed me into their family, their first born, there was only one name they could think of to give me: Lauren. They'd long admired Lauren Bacall on the big screen, and thought if their daughter could inherit a little of her beauty, strength, and grace she'd be a lucky girl indeed. Now as an adult I'm also fascinated by my namesake, and thrilled that Marcela Calvet seems every bit as enamored with her.

This beautiful bag is the label's first Bacall, and in my opinion its best. Just like the original star, her design is classic, yet somehow her beauty is just a little bit unusual. I've never seen a flap bag with this half moon shape, or such an unusual fold-over design. The lizard skin too is compelling, with its striking blue undertones. It's beauty like this that makes designers hesitate to use manmade skins; it really is lovely.

My only hesitation is with the shoulder strap. Its golden chains just seem a bit too chunky for the purse's design. Thankfully though there is a lizard skin center, so that metal won't rest on our shoulders.

The Bacall isn't a very large bag, but it's surprisingly well appointed. A discreet slash pocket is hidden behind the front flap, and there's a zippered pocket in the back. I like this one, as our valuables will stay just that bit more secure when they're pressed against our body. Inside the features continue, with another zippered pocket and a cell phone pouch.

The $740 asking price isn't exactly small change, but it's more than reasonable for a handcrafted bag made from an exotic skin.

More Features of This Marcela Calvet Lizard Skin Bag

  • Gold-gilt hardware
  • Magnetic snap closure
  • Lined in Argentine calfskin
  • A single shoulder chain
  • Measures 6.25 x 9 x 2 inches

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