Marcela Calvet Silvia Shoulder Handbag | Limited Edition Ladylike Handcrafted Glazed Lizard Purse

Posted on: Nov 26

Marcela Calvet SilviaMarcela Calvet exemplifies sophisticated, ladylike style with this gorgeous Silvia handbag. It's just the kind of thing I could imagine Jackie Onassis carrying during her term as First Lady!

While it takes its cues from classic fashion, this beautiful bag is given a modern edge thanks to the use of tegu lizard skin. The skin of this South American lizard is durable for an exotic, but it's also lusciously soft and pliable. Its markings are beautiful brand new, but the skin only becomes more stunning as it ages.

Tegu skin already has a warm, shiny gloss, but this is further emphasized with a little glaze. It gives the Silvia an attractive polish which only makes it more tempting.

This purse's petite, structured shape is both its greatest attraction and biggest drawback. Unless you know how to travel light, you'll struggle to fit everything you need inside. Personally I think it might be worth leaving a few items behind to have this purse on your arm, but packrats might disagree.

This purse's $770 price tag is very reasonable for an exotic accessory, but even more so when we consider how wonderfully well its surface will age.

More Features of This Marcela Calvet Lizard Handbag

  • Gold plated brass hardware
  • Turnlock closure
  • Lined with Argentine calfskin
  • A single adjustable shoulder strap
  • Measures 8.5 x 7 x 4.25 inches
  • Made in Argentina

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