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Posted on: Jan 18

Maddalena Marconi Shoulder BagWe're used to Maddalena Marconi creating high class evening accessories dripping in rhinestones and lace. We've criticized the label for being too lavish and too expensive, but we could rarely say it lacked class. So I'm surprised to see a very different side of the fashion house with this satin shoulder bag.

It's hard to believe it's the same Maddalena Marconi that created this bright pink monstrosity. It's like a weird modern take on tribal with its neon colored body and rainbow hued strap. I don't mind the beading or the overall treatment of the handle, but when paired with the iridescent pink it really seems too much. Thank goodness the bag's body is such a plain pouch shape!

This shoulder bag doesn't have the luxurious main compartment we see on so many other Maddalena Marconi handbags, but it does the trick. I like the way the sunken zip provides security without interrupting the already busy exterior. The patch pocket is a bit useless, but at least the space isn't large enough to warrant many organizational aids.

Honestly the best thing I can say about this Maddalena Marconi handbag is that it's cheap. At $248 it's a fraction of the money we'd spend on the label's high end clutches. Yet I can still think of several better ways to spend that sort of cash.

More Features of This Maddalena Marconi Pink Shoulder Bag

  • Lined in textile fibers
  • Measures 1.2 x 9.6 x 10.5 inches

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