Mad Men’s Janie Bryant Designs Retro Fashions for QVC

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Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant is bringing the popular advertising drama’s fashions to fans everywhere with the launch of her line for shopping channel QVC.

The 60s inspired collection, known as Mod, will include 20 pieces of apparel, including fake fur jackets and brocade boleros, 15 pieces of costume jewelry, and a handbag. There’s something to suit all budgets, with items priced between $26 and $138.

Mad Men has had such an influence on fashion in that women are dressing up more, so these are statement pieces that can change your outfit in an instant,” Bryant explained.

The designs might hearken back to the days of vintage fashion, but they’re also very conscious of current trends. The fall collection features the animal prints and faux fur fabrics which will be big in fall, while the next line will have lighter dresses and summery styles.

The first retro Mod line will be available through QVC next month.

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