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Posted on: Jan 17

M. Andonia Suede Carryall ToteM. Andonia puts the planet first with this playful Suede Carryall Tote.

As it's made from real suede it's not animal friendly, but I'm impressed with the measures M. Andonia's taken to keep the cost to the planet down. It's crafted from domestically sourced suede, rather than that swanky European stuff, to minimize the label's carbon footprint. That poppy red color also comes from natural vegetable dyes rather than harmful chemicals. So while it won't please PETA, this suede carryall is a more eco-friendly choice than many other totes on the market.

M. Andonia doesn't exceed our expectations, but it's done enough to make this tote practical. It's roomy but not too big, so the removable drop pocket is really all we need. Its handles are also long and flat so they'll stay put on our shoulder when we step out.

These suede carryalls aren't all created equally though. While I love the combination of scarlet red and burnished trim, the other variations don't rev me as much. The contrast on the navy, pink, and green versions is too great, yet they don't look as chic as the best colorblocked bags do. Choose carefully and you'll see value for your $380.

More Features of This M. Andonia Colorblocked Tote

  • Measures 5 x 13 x 15 inches

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