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Jil Sander Suede Packable Tote

Jil Sander Suede Packable ToteI haven’t seen much of Jil Sander, lately. She’s one of those designers that sprinkles the market with her designs, rather than blanketing it. The accessories she does release, however, are sleekly designed and elegant. This packable suede tote is a great example.

Sander manages something delicate in this design. The texture of the suede is soft, but it doesn’t take away from the sleekness of the clean design. Suede is such an earthy fabric that I’m not sure I’ve ever described it as sleek, but it’s really working for this design. The contrast between the suede of the bag and the leather of the straps is subtle, but effective.

The shape of this tote is really spot on. It’s basically a trapezoid, and the darkness of the material gives it a weighty look that is balanced by the the slimness of the dual straps. Unfortunately, the straps aren’t exactly practical given the size of the bag. In some cases, straps are a dealmaker or breaker for me, but I like this design so much that I’m willing to overlook them in this case. The fact that you can fold this bag up and throw it in your luggage makes up for it.

At $975, this is a pretty pricey tote. I love the look, but the cost is just a little too high.

More Features Of The Jil Sander Suede Packable Tote

  • 20″ x 13″ x 2″ size
  • 10″ handle strap

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