Lux de Ville Hi Jinx Tote | Spade Decorated Red Synthetic Carryall Bag

Posted on: May 28

Lux de Ville Hi Jinx ToteLux de Ville’s signature rockabilly style is on show again with this Hi Jinx tote.

While this tote fits in neatly with the label's design vision, its all-over pattern is something new for me. I'm sure it'll polarize fashion fans, but I quite like the way the quirky black spades look against the cherry red synthetic. If it were all rendered in real leather it'd appear much more luxurious, but then again it wouldn't cost a mere $54 either. I think that material compromise is something most recessionistas will happily make.

I'm not so sure about the look of the chunky silver chain which hangs across the purse, but it serves a practical purpose. While those rolled handles are too short to sling over your shoulder, you can use the chain for simpler carrying. This metal strap isn't entirely comfortable, but if you've got a distance to travel it'll make the journey easier. It's also removable if you'd prefer a cleaner look.

The Hi Jinx is quite large, which has its advantages and disadvantages. On one hand it's refreshing to find a bag that holds everything you need to carry with ease. But with just one zippered pocket inside, it's also difficult to keep organized. You'll need to take some care when packing this tote to avoid lengthy searches for your keys and cell phone.

The Hi Jinx has real charm though so I can easily forgive its shortcomings, especially for its bargain price.

More Features of This Lux de Ville Spade Decorated Tote

  • Fully lined interior
  • Measures 13 x 6 x 6 inches

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