Lunch a la Mode Handbags | The Chic Alternative to Brown Paper Bags

Posted on: Sep 24

You're dressed to the nines in a sleek business suit with a luxurious designer bag slung over your shoulder ... and carrying a brown paper lunch bag. Lunch a la Mode knows no woman wants their polished looks undermined by a lunch bag, so they created a sophisticated alternative.

"The fact that women are forced to tote around unappealing brown paper sacks or clunky cooler bags while wearing designer pumps when they are dieting or being budget conscious, seems contradictory to our desire to remain stylish," explained the label's creator, Amber Pollard. "The Lunch a la Mode collection enables women to work, play and eat in style."

Lunch a la Mode bags hold sandwiches and snacks in an insulated and removable compartment. This keeps your food away from your daily essentials, ensuring you don't get ketchup stains on those all important documents! There's also a beverage holder, mesh ice pack pouch, and of course plenty of space for your other everyday items.

Those practical perks inside are matched with contemporary good looks outside. The range includes the expandable Bistro shoulder bag, the roomy Picnic hobo, and the dome-shaped Trattoria tote. Lunch a la Mode handbags are available in genuine leathers and patents, as well as more eco-friendly vegan leather and hemp suede options. The colors are a little conservative for my tastes, but I suppose that makes them appropriate for any office environment. Prices start from $270 from the Lunch a la Mode website.

[Source: Earth Times]
[Image Source: Marketwire]

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