Louis Vuitton Lover Ashley Tisdale Asks for New Handbag This Christmas

Posted on: Nov 17

High School Musical star Ashley Tisdale should be able to afford most trinkets that catch her eye, but the 24-year-old star is still working on her Christmas wish list. Her most wanted item this year? A new purse of course!

"I love handbags, so I'm hoping for a new handbag," she told media at Bauer Publishing's M magazine Hollywood Halloween party in New York City recently.

She added that her strict parents, who wouldn't let her own a designer bag until she was 19, fueled her love of expensive labels like Louis Vuitton.

"I got my first Louis Vuitton at 19 from my parents. I usually get those kind of bags from my parents. It's not like I can just go shopping and buy all the designer bags I want because I don't think I'm at a place where I can do that." She added that, "I think it's more special when you get it as a gift."

I'll be scouring the fashion pages after Christmas to see whether Ms Tisdale is sporting a shiny new piece of arm candy!

[Source: AceShowbiz]
[Image Source: eryn Johnstone/Wikipedia Commons]

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