Louis Vuitton Handbag Advertisements Banned For Misleading Consumers

Posted on: May 26

A pair of Louis Vuitton advertisements has been pulled after advertising watchdogs found they misled customers.

The advertisements depict a "seamstress with linen thread and beeswax" and boast of the "infinite patience" which goes into the crafting of each bag, yet Louis Vuitton purses are made using sewing machines.

The French fashion house argues the ads pay "homage to the craftsmanship" of its employees, rather than depict an actual scenario, but the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) is having none of it.

It says that while Louis Vuitton proved that many hand-crafting techniques were used in the manufacture of the brand's purses and wallets, it could not satisfy the ASA that hand-stitching was a significant part of the accessories' creation.

"Because we had not seen evidence that demonstrated the extent to which Louis Vuitton products were made by hand, we concluded that the ads were misleading," an ASA spokesperson said.

[Source: Daily Mail]
[Image Source: Shweta Mhatre/Flickr]

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