Louis Vuitton and Takashi Murakami Handbag Designer Collaboration Animated Video

Posted on: Apr 29

From the newest collaboration between French fashion house Louis Vuitton and designer Takashi Murakami comes this cute promotional video. In it we see the Murakami's Superflat creative vision combine with manga and the fashion-forward world of Louis Vuitton.

It stars a little anime-styled girl, who looks like she's a few years off affording her own LV purse, walks into a Louis Vuitton store. When she drops her cell phone the magic begins, and she's submerged into Murakami's cute and colorful creative universe.

This video shows us a new side to Louis Vuitton, one that leaves behind its traditional staid sophistication for child-like energy. But perhaps it's not so surprising. Before this we saw Louis Vuitton revamping its rainbow-colored Stephen Sprouse line. Perhaps Louis is shaking off that stuffy old image and stepping into a fresh world of fun!

I only hope so. Those tired old brown and tan monogrammed purses are so last century!

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