Louis Vuitton and Naomi Campbell Collaborate for Charity | Proceeds Benefit White Ribbon Alliance

Posted on: Oct 9

Naomi Campbell might have quite the reputation when it comes to ridiculously violent reactions to seemingly innocent situations. However, the international supermodel also has a well-known heart for charity work.

Campbell has collaborated with luxury design brands before to benefit charity, such as her Hermes Birkin bag auction for the White Ribbon Alliance. Well, she's at it again to help out the pregnancy and childbirth focused organization, but this time with Louis Vuitton.

As global ambassador of the White Ribbon Alliance, the model has chosen a signature monogrammed LV handbag to retail in the company's stores, with part of the proceeds from sales going directly to the worthwhile organization.

Although we don't have a name yet for the upcoming handbag, we do know that it will retail for roughly $2, 800. You'll be able to get your hands on the new Louis Vuitton purse next March right around Women's Day.

Naomi summed things up with a short, and maybe slightly defensive, quip about this type of collaboration:

"People say fashion people don't do anything. We do a lot," she said.

She does surprise me with her commitment to the White Ribbon Alliance, but I'd certainly never say she doesn't do anything.

[Source: My Fashion Life]
[Image: leeno/Flickr]

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