Lavie Readies Bebo Clutch Bags | Indian Label Announces Kareena Kapoor Signature Collection

Posted on: Apr 4

Kareena KaporBollywood queen Kareena Kapoor is about to get her own handbag collection. The Indian actress known as Bebo has proved a popular ambassador of Lavie handbags, so it's only fitting that the label is preparing to release a limited edition range of purses which share her nickname.

It's a surprising move considering that Kareena's only been the face of the brand since March 19, but I think it's also a smart one by the Indian brand. Despite relatively little time passing since appointing Kareena its ambassador, Lavie's already seen its sales significantly increase.

However, Kareena isn't content to just be Lavie's silent cash cow. The feisty actress also wants to give her suggestions and input into the Bebo designs and marketing.

The luxurious limited edition Bebo bags will be available in glamorous gold and silver and more conservative beige and black shades. Each one will be embellished with Kareena Kapoor's signature. That autograph is sure to make them collector's items in India, and perhaps even the rest of the world.

At this point it seems Lavie will only release evening-ready clutch bags in the Bebo line, but if they're popular, who knows? Perhaps larger day bags will be next on the agenda!

[Source: Sawfnews]
[Image Source: IndiaFM/Wikipedia Commons]

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