Lauren DiCioccio Reinvents Plastic Bags | Beautiful Embroidered Organza Shoppers

Posted on: Mar 18

Lauren DiCioccio ShopperSan Francisco artist Lauren DiCioccio has created a beautiful alternative to plastic grocery bags as part of her residency with her local Workshop Residence arts initiative.

DiCioccio was inspired to create her unusual works after hearing her local council's decision to outlaw plastic bags. Long fascinated with obsolescence, the state where working objects become outdated or unwanted, she began to "think about plastic objects that are being replaced for good reasons."

Her pondering led her to create delicately embroidered organza versions of the much maligned grocery bags. The project fits nicely with her work with Workshop Residence, a scheme that reexamines our ideas of luxury products and aspires to transform local production techniques. The scheme's director, Braden Weeks Earp, is helping DiCioccio assemble a crew of artisans to create functional versions of the artworks.

DiCioccio and her team of helpers are looking to create a diverse selection of her bags, from elegant evening purses to everyday shopping totes. A small selection of the finished accessories will then be available through the Dogpatch district space, local retailers, and Workshop Residence's online store. DiCioccio and Workshop Residence will share in the profits.

Would you carry one of DiCioccio’s beautiful totes to your local grocery store?

[Source: EcoSalon]

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