Latico Makes Bags from Chicken Skins | New Eco-Friendly Amazonia Collection

Posted on: Mar 6

Latico Amazonia ClutchLatico is the latest handbag label to go green. The American brand is preparing to launch the Amazonia collection, a range of handbags made from reclaimed chicken leather.

The bags are made from unwanted skins sourced from poultry farms. It sounds a bit macabre to create a material from leftover chicken skins, but the finished product is surprisingly luxurious. The resulting leather is strong but soft, with a raised grain texture that appears like a cross between crocodile and ostrich skins.

Skilled artisans then work with the "eco-exotic" leather to create the shopper tote, clutches, mini bags, and convertible chain bags of the Amazonia collection. The handbags are available in the neutral, conservative colors of black, blue, brown, and oat.

A limited edition range of Latico's Amazonia purses will hit stores later this month. This will give us a taste for the complete line, which will arrive in retail outlets this August. No prices have been announced at this point, although we never expect an exorbitant bottom line from Latico. Hopefully these Amazonia bags won't be any exception.

I applaud Latico's lateral thinking here. It's refreshing to see a brand making bags from new and sustainable animal products. But the strictest environmentalists will probably wish these bags were vegan. Would you carry a bag made from chicken skin?

[Source: Latico Leathers website]

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  1. Caitlin Says:

    I think it’s a really creative way to go green – its using all of the animal! I think it’s responsible and I support the movement. I too would carry one :)

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