Kotur Becker Colorblock Bowler | Red & Silver Exotic Handbag

Posted on: Nov 18

Kotur Becker BowlerI've always enjoyed Kotur's elegant clutch purses but generally its larger bags let the line down. But the fashion house has got things right with the Becker Bowler.

This seems to be the day for surprising me, because I'm also not usually a fan of colorblocking. Yet I find the mix of colors and fabrics here compelling. Red and silver calfskin panels on the side complement the rich crimson suede along the top. Chocolate brown snakeskin handles provide the final luxurious touches. The hanging tassel adds unnecessary clutter in my opinion, but it's easily removed.

The Becker doesn't have the domed shape we associate with bags of this ilk, but its boxy design does maximize its storage potential. The Becker's dimensions are generous but not unwieldy, so we can carry everything we want to and not feel weighed down.

I love the look of the snakeskin handles but as they're rolled they'll probably slip from your shoulder. Thankfully there's also a removable flat strap for the times your patience wears thin.

At $875 this Kotur Bowler isn't cheap but it's also not exorbitant in the fashion world. Personally I think it's worth saving for.

More Features of This Kotur Colorblocked Bowler

  • Zip top closure
  • Measures 9 x 14.5 x 7.2 inches

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