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Posted on: Aug 21

Kirsten James BagClearly Kirsten James ascribes to the theory that if you want a job done right, you need to do it yourself. This former NASA engineer forged a new career in accessories when she couldn't find the right diaper bag for her new baby. It was a dramatic profession change, but her move into the fashion world appears to be paying dividends.

James' handbags are functional, casually fashionable, and eco-conscious. Each one is hand-made in the United States from quilted cotton, which is often organic and eco-friendly. The handbags are lined with organic muslin and packed with functional features, including interior and exterior pockets, key fobs, and more.

Kirsten James' bags don't just give back to the planet; they also think about its people. A portion of the profits from each sale benefits The Children's Brain Tumor Foundation. It's not clear exactly how much James gives, but considering the size of her label any contribution should be applauded.

Kirsten James' handbags are available for purchase through selected American outlets and her Etsy store. The site sells the diaper bags, nursing covers, and change pads Kirsten James is famous for, as well as totes and messengers. Selected items are also available through the e-tailers EarthLover and MagpieLovely.

[Source: Kirsten James website]

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