Kipling Sponsors US Figure Skating Championships | Handbag Label Gives Skaters Free Duffel Bags

Posted on: Jan 9

Figure SkaterKipling has signed on as exclusive accessories sponsor of the 2011 US Figure Skating Championships, which is great news for the competitors!

Every skater will receive a complimentary one-of-a-kind USA Kipling duffel. Fans attending the event, to be held at the Greensboro Coliseum in North Carolina from January 22 to 30, won't miss out on the fun entirely.

While skating enthusiasts won't receive free bags like their idols, they can visit the coliseum's Kipling "Fan Fest" booth. They could spin up a prize on the Electric After Dark wheel, and get their photo taken with the Kipling monkey mascot. All photos will later be uploaded to Kipling's Facebook page. Yes, I'd rather get a free Kipling bag too!

The US Figure Skating Championships crowns the country's national champs for the ladies, mens, pairs, and ice dancing competitions. The event attracts skating fans from all over the world, which can only be a good thing for the Kipling brand!

[Source: Accessories Magazine]
[Image Source: Queen Yuna/Flickr]

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