Katie Holmes Rumored to Model for Miu Miu Fashion Collection

Posted on: Nov 22

Hollywood hottie Katie Holmes is rumored to be the next model for Miu Miu!

If it's true Mrs Tom Cruise will follow in the footsteps of other famous Miu Miu faces including Drew Barrymore, Chloe Sevigny, Kirsten Dunst, Vanessa Paradis, and Lindsay Lohan.

Earlier rumors suggested that Miu Miu were looking to stick to models for their campaign, but who can go past that dramatic bob and soulful brown eyes? But they're not ditching the professional mannequins altogether. Katie will apparently star in the spring 2009 campaign alongside a bevy of beautiful models. Don't expect them to share the limelight though. An insider says the models will be styled to look like "accessories."

Representatives for Ms Holmes are remaining tight-lipped on the story, but they're not denying it either!

I really hope these rumors are true. I'm dying to see Katie step out of those ill-fitting boyfriend jeans and dowdy mom clothes to become the Miu Miu glamourpuss we all know she can be!

[Source: Celebuzz]
[Image Source: LeeLeeLu/Flickr]

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