Kate Spade Yuma Loren Clutch | Bright Yellow Tasseled Purse

Posted on: Oct 29

I feel, with the winter months encroaching, that a little dose of brightness may be in order. A drop or two of bright color needs to be injected into our wardrobes, to keep the long nights at bay and our spirits lifted.

As Kate Spade has been all over the fashion blogs for the past few weeks, it seems appropriate to choose one of her purses, and this yellow beauty from the Yuma range is just the thing to keep us all feeling happy.

This tasseled cowboy clutch is available in a dull and average shade of chocolate, but it is the golden marigold tone that make this stand out from the crowd. Textured with the layers of smooth flat tassels (no chance of getting tangled here!), this is a happy sunny little purse with a healthy does of attitude.

Whilst the cute exterior is wonderful, what with the functional-yet-stylish clasp, the interior isn't quite to my tastes. The strange leopard print pattern just doesn't push my buttons, and I wish for Kate Spade's 1960s influence to shine through a bit more.

Try teaming this cute and modern clutch with a bold pair of contrasting tights, to really make people around you feel bright and chirpy. If tassels aren't your thing, then this is certainly a version that is more accessible than most!

More Features of this Bold Kate Spade Clutch

  • Gold-plated hardware to add class
  • Available in yellow or brown
  • Animal print leather trimmed interior

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