VBH Ostrich Leather Clutch | Bright Mustard Yellow Exotic Stamped Purse

Posted on: Aug 22

VBH is one of the hottest designers right now thanks to the star power of famous fans like Michelle Obama, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Taylor Swift. But I'm not completely sold on this next big thing. For every bag I love, there's another one I loathe. Thankfully this clutch falls into the former camp.

It's crafted from ostrich leather, but it's nothing like the skins we normally see. Most ostrich purses are dotted with quill follicles. This distinctive leather is taken from the bird’s back, and the demand for it drives the price sky high. VBH has used a less prestigious skin, so we get the durability of ostrich without the exorbitant cost. The $1,850 retail value isn't exactly cheap, but it's a great deal less than you'll pay for the bumpy bags!

Of course, without the bumps VBH needed something else to hold our interest. Stamping the clutch with reptilian scales is a strange choice considering the purse's origins, yet it works! Add a sunny mustard shade of yellow and you've got a real head-turner.

The most disappointing part is the lack of practical perks. This clutch is all style ladies, with none of those creature comforts to back it up. Forget about pockets, or shoulder straps. Forget about usable space as well. It might be long, but it's so narrow you'll never fit everything you want inside it.

This is the kind of purse you'll have a love/hate relationship with. You'll wish for that shoulder strap when you want to grab a canapé from a passing tray, and you'll curse yourself for leaving that essential lipgloss behind. But then you'll look at it, and smile, because it's gorgeous. And sometimes, that's the most important thing.

More Features of This VBH Stamped Purse

  • Foldover flap
  • Concealed magnetic fastening
  • Tonal suede lining
  • Measures 10 x 4 x 2 inches

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